Growth Under Fire!

A little while ago I was working with a leadership team of a company that was going through significant change. This change was critical to the future sustainability of the organization. As I listen to them talk about how they should handle the change in front of them, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the … Continued

The Shift Painting

The Shift Painting was created to bring the Shift approach to leadership and team coaching to life. It was painted by Gaia Orion, a free-spirited oil painter from Ontario, Canada. Susan Pahl, CEO, and founder of Shift Coaching Inc. invited Gaia to create a painting that represented Shift Coaching and its coaching methods. The process began by telling … Continued

Strategic and Operational Leadership Challenges

Strategic Leaders When you were a kid, did you ever play “crack the whip” at your local skating rink? It’s a fun, but somewhat reckless game. A large group of skaters join hands, and as the leader turns the group rotates around them. With each consecutive turn the tail of the chain picks up speed. … Continued

Is your team like the Giant Sequoias?

If you have ever set foot at the base of a Giant Sequoias you will immediately feel humbled by it’s huge presence. As tall as 350′ and 25′ in diameter! These resilient trees often live several hundred years, and in some cases, more than 2,000. What’s more interesting about the Giant Sequoias is that, unlike … Continued