Optimize leadership performance through coaching

1:1 coaching to help leaders not only understand the principles of leadership and coaching, but to translate theory into action and apply it in their daily lives.

Program description

The primary challenge for leaders is not their ability to understand the principles of leadership, but their ability to implement all the theories into actual daily practice. The Leader Shift program helps leaders to translate theory into action. Leaders meet with their coach 1:1 on a monthly basis for sixty to ninety minutes, either in-person or virtually.

This program will:

  1. Increase leaders’ self-awareness and awareness of the impact they have on others
  2. Challenge their assumptions and current way of thinking
  3. Encourage to create new methods of problem solving and apply new approaches to leading teams
  4. Support leaders to develop healthy relationships with their direct reports, superiors, and peers by improving how they work and communicate with others

The Leader Shift program is an iterative process between learning and doing. It is based on a set of simple, powerful models and tools. Leaders will learn to apply new approaches, develop healthy relationships with direct reports, superiors, and peers and managing their own thoughts. It will be tailored to suit the needs of your organization and its leaders. Shift Coaches are available on-call, between the sessions, for questions and advice.

Leader Shift will help leaders to:

  • Develop trusting relationship with their teams
  • Have healthy conflict
  • Empower people to take risks
  • Encourage creativity & innovation
  • Establish strong working relationships & collaborate to get results
  • Create the environment where people want to bring their best to work!

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