Accelerate people development through coaching

Unlock your talent and grow the potential of your people. Increase their competency with a better understanding of the new tools and resources required to lead in today’s shifting workplace.

Program description

Each program is comprised of live in person or live virtual sessions, self-directed learning components and a set of tools to use back on the job. Built for the different needs of your organization and your leaders, they all have the same structure and design. We love building new People Shift programs. Let us know if you are interested in a customized program. Keep an eye out for new programs!

People Shift Coaching Programs:

Shift to Coach
Learn the core coaching skills and make the shift to become a coaching leader

Shift to Lead
Learn how to make the key “Shifts” required to move to the next level of leadership

Shift to Collaborate
Learn how to build a culture of collaboration

Coach for Change
Learn a new framework for dealing with change

Coach for Performance
Learn how to get the best out of people

Coach for Inclusion
Build skills to support Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Leading with the Brain in Mind
Discover how using latest research can help to empower you people to bring best brains to work

Leading with Presence
Develop presence-based leadership skills

Leading with Flexibility
Learn to be a resilient leader increasing ability to adapt, change and grow

People Shift will help leaders to:

  • Grow and develop new leadership skills
  • Understand the value of self-awareness and the impact they have on others
  • Lead teams more effectively through collaboration
  • Create the environment where people want to bring their best brains to work!

Stay informed of upcoming programs.

Be one of the first to know about our upcoming programs and newest launches. We promise not to contact you unless it’s something worth sharing.