Shift Coaching creates profound shifts in the thinking and behaviour of leaders, teams, and the entire organization. We apply an integrated coaching, assessment, and learning solutions to support effective and sustainable change.

Shift Coaching’s Approach

Shift Coaching’s methodology aligns with and supports the belief that strong leadership, both on an individual and team basis, is the cornerstone of any successful organization. We work within the context of your current business to provide a customized long term solution to deal with the complexities of the world we live in.

We begin by quickly gaining a clear understanding of your mission, values, operating objectives, and any cultural challenges you may be facing. Shift Coaching uses powerful models grounded in solid theory, along with simple practical tools to support the shifts required for sustainable results.

We use an experiential, hands-on approach that draws on the real issues that exist in the organization. This means seamless learning and development within your own existing system, creating change while integrating new skills into day-to-day interaction. We work to leverage the your own internal systems and work to transfer the knowledge to the organization rather than creating a dependency on our services.

Shift Coaching Programs

Shift Coaching’s services are available in three core programs:

  • LeaderShift: Build your leadership skills to improve performance. LeaderShift is a one-to-one coaching program for leadership development.
  • TeamShift: Bring your team together to improve performance, and achieve its goals. TeamShift is for teams with a common purpose and the need to work interdependently.
  • CultureShift: Shift your corporate culture to achieve your business goals and business objectives. CultureShift is a group coaching program for all levels within your organization to evolve your corporate culture.

The foundation for our work

The theoretical framework for the Shift Coaching Model is based on a wide range of philosophical, psychological, and leadership underpinnings.

We rely on evidence-based, research-informed, empirical data to guide the construct of our approach to learning, coaching and assessment. Our Fellows status at the Institute of Coaching at Harvard, provides us with fresh research in advance of publication, so we are always learning and bringing that new content to our clients just-in-time in a format that works in a business environment.