A strong culture is the connective glue of your business. It brings people together, and shapes how they work and achieve their goals. It shapes your corporate values, and what it means to succeed. The CultureShift Program is a group coaching program designed for leaders of all levels.

How the Program Works

CultureShift™ is a foundational program. It sets the stage and mindset for developing a thriving culture. Attention is focused on the ValueShift™ and BehaviourShift™ that leaders need to make as they move through the organization.

Assess: Do you have the culture to achieve your strategic objectives? The 360° CultureShift™ Assessment is completed over 4 weeks, and profiles key members of your team.

In addition to the 360° CultureShift™ Assessment we use a suite of psychometric tools to provide leaders with deep insight and increased awareness of self and impact on others. This accelerates the process of discovering strengths and gaps to determine focus for group coaching.

Coach: The focus of the group coaching program is dependent on the roles the members of the group play in the organization. During the course of the group coaching sessions the group will discuss and practice the key shifts with a focus on the high leverage factors:

  • Where do you focus your attention?
  • What mindsets guides your approach as a leader?
  • Which behaviors support you as a leader and which ones get in the way?
  • What results are you looking for and how do you define success?

The focus is on immediate implementation of tools and skills to support desired positive change. The sessions act as a catalyst for challenging assumptions, learning new approaches and reinforcing the development of healthy relationships within and across teams.

Measure: The ValueShift™ and BehaviourShift™ Assessment are administered at predefined intervals to measure the progress of the group in living its values and practicing the behaviours that support a high functioning organization.

For more information on how the CultureShift™ Program can help your business please email us at connect@shiftcoaching.ca