LeaderShift™ is coaching program for leaders to increase their capacity and capability to lead culture & strategy, lead leaders, lead teams, lead others and lead themselves.

The LeaderShift™ coaching sessions act as a catalyst for your leaders to challenge their assumptions, learn new approaches, and reinforce the development of healthy relationships with their direct reports, superiors, and peers.

The program is an iterative process between learning and doing. LeaderShift is tailored to suit the needs of your organization and your leaders.

How the Program Works

Assess: Shift Coaching uses a suite of psychometric tools including 360° assessments to provide leaders with deep insight and increased awareness of self and impact on others. This accelerates the process of discovering strengths and gaps to determine focus for coaching.

Coach: Coaching typically takes place over 6 to 12 month period. This allows time for new skills and behaviours to be practiced, reflected on, and incorporated into day-to-day activities. Coaching sessions are 90 minutes in length, and may be held either in person or via phone with the initial meeting in person.

Measure: LeaderShift™ builds upon the goals of your organization to develop the skills and capabilities of your leaders. A Coaching Insights Report will be prepared outlining goals of the program, expected results, actual results, challenges/obstacles, and recommendations for next steps.

Complete Customization

LeaderShift™ is a Shift core program and is customized to fit your business environment and objectives. A couple of our coaching program examples are listed here:

Stakeholder Coaching

Part of the 1:1 leadership coaching process. This program incorporates 360° feedback into the coaching process. Used for rapid development, especially for leaders moving to the next level.

Next Level Leader Program

Accelerates the development of leaders preparing for the next level of leadership. Includes a deep leadership assessment process, 1:1 Stakeholder Coaching Program, “Mock C Suite” program, CEO Huddles and Coaching Circles.

For more information on how the LeaderShift™ Program can give your leaders the confidence and knowledge to excel in their role please email us at  connect@shiftcoaching.ca