TeamShift™ is a program to grow, stretch and support high functioning teams to achieve results.

We work with your teams to understand what is happening inside the teams’ system and learn how to deal with conflicting views and priorities. The team will acquire skills to collaborate, value diversity, and have healthy conflict.

TeamShift™ is for any team or group of people who have a common goal and want to accelerate the results from great to greater.

How the Program Works

Shift Coaching provides a framework for team members to think about the team in context, to foster understanding of its work environment, and the importance of each member’s role in shaping a climate that supports great work.

Assess: The Team Assessment is simple, easy to complete, and easy to use for regular re-assessments to track progress and guide development. The assessments are benchmarked against a large database of global teams.

Coach: Following the Team Assessment the group comes together for a facilitated coaching program. The team coaching sessions support the team to identify challenges and issues, and engage an emotional commitment to team development. We will work with the team to increase their awareness of key behaviours and how they support or detract from team effectiveness.

TeamShift™ tackles four major questions:

  1. How do we operate as a team?
  2. How we make decisions?
  3. How we do we deal with conflict?
  4. How do we align ourselves to perform as a high functioning team?

Team Coaching Sessions are approximately 2 hours in length, and act as a catalyst for challenging assumptions, learning new approaches and reinforcing the development of healthy relationships within and across the team.

The sessions are highly interactive, and the skills and tools introduced can be used on the job the next day.

Measure: At predefined intervals, Shift Coaching administers the Team Assessment to measure the progress of the team living its values and practicing the behaviours that support a high functioning team.

For more information on how the TeamShift™ Program can create more effective teams in your business please email us at