The Shift Corporate Coach Program™ @Work is built for business. It provides business leaders with the coaching skills to support their team to align their actions with their goals.  We designed this program to be used in the business context, incorporating the language and tools that are relevant to business leaders and their teams.

The implementation of the Shift Corporate Coach Program™ will operationalize a Coaching Culture within your current business structure. It will address the need for a sustainable coaching program that can be run internally, with minimum external support.

Each session will focus on unique aspects of business coaching that will equip participants with theoretical essentials and practical tools to provide effective support to employees and embed coaching skills into their day-to-day activities.

“Peoples ongoing development is woven into the daily fabric of working life, visible in the company’s regular operations, day-to-day routines, and conversations.”

~ Robert Keagan & Lisa Lahey, An Everyone Culture

About The Program

Shift will customize the schedule of the program to fit within the structure of your business.  Our staff will work with you to find the best solution for delivery.  Where possible, the Shift Corporate Coach Program™ can be customized to fit within your current coaching programs to save time, while still receiving maximum value from the program.

Shift Corporate Coach Program™ will:

  • Introduce methods, practices and skills that can enhance the ability to lead and connect with employees on all levels
  • Equip leaders with the skills and practical tools necessary to create a fully functioning internalized coaching system
  • Construct opportunities for framing feedback and observation helping others to envision success and goal oriented action

The Shift Corporate Coach Program™ is divided into three sections:

Learning Shift: A deep-dive into the principle coaching skills, as well as the Shift Coaching Model.  The Learning Shift is an opportunity for the group to come together and learn in a safe, fun environment.

Transformation Shift: Following the learning shift sessions, participants will participate in coaching clinics, and coaching circles.  These sessions provide an opportunity to review and discuss the principle coaching skills and coaching model, as well as practice using these skills with a peer coach.

Practice Shift: Participants will receive mentor coaching sessions from a Shift mentor coach, as well as practice coach with an assigned peer.  This component of the program also requires participants to complete their practice hours for completion, and gain feedback from their mentor coach on their progress.


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