Is your team like the Giant Sequoias?

If you have ever set foot at the base of a Giant Sequoias you will immediately feel humbled by it’s huge presence. As tall as 350′ and 25′ in diameter! These resilient trees often live several hundred years, and in some cases, more than 2,000.

What’s more interesting about the Giant Sequoias is that, unlike most trees, redwoods lack a taproot. Instead, they have a shallow root system that rarely goes more than 12 feet underground.

How do these trees stay standing for more than 2,000 years?

They survive because they work together. Their roots can extend up to 100 hundred feet outward, connecting to, and wrapping around the root systems of other redwood trees. Not only do these redwoods physically support each other, they grow so close together that they are dependent on each other for nutrients too.

When people work together towards a common goal they are most often like the Giant Sequoias. You can grow to great heights as long as you support each other.

We want you to envision your team as Giant Sequoias. Each member must focus on supporting the team as a whole. Imagine how much more effective the team could be then.

Ask about our TeamShift program. It is designed for any team or group of people who have a common goal and want to accelerate the results. We want to challenge the assumptions of your leaders, and reinforce the development of healthy relationships with it members.