Build high-performance teams through coaching

We work with your teams to evaluate the team’s systems, how they work together, deal with conflicting views and priorities, and help dramatically improve performance.

Program description

The difference between a good team and a great team is how your people work together and collaborate to achieve results. The Team Shift Program provides a framework to develop high performing teams. The team goes through a team assessment to increase their awareness of how effectively they function as a team and what’s required to create the environment for high performance.

This program challenges team members to think differently and asks:

  • How do we operate as a team?
  • How do we make decisions?
  • How do we deal with conflict?
  • How do we align ourselves to perform as a high functioning team?

The sessions are interactive, and participants will be able to apply the ideas in the context of their teams right away. A Team Assessment is administered several times throughout the process to measure the progress of the team.

The Team Shift Program helps your team to create the shifts they required to work effectively together. Teams discover what needs to change and where the learning needs to occur to be a high performing team. By coaching people within the context of their environment, the whole team undergoes a shift. When a team has a heightened sense of self-awareness, it can deliberately work on improving team dynamics, systems, and performance.

Team Shift will help your teams to:

  1. Develop trusting relationship with their teams
  2. Have healthy conflict
  3. Empower people to take risks
  4. Encourage creativity & innovation
  5. Establish strong working relationships & collaborate to get results
  6. Create the environment where people want to bring their best to work!

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