Shift Corporate Coach Program – WABC Accredited (Level 1 – RCC)™


Read what our participants have said: 


“The Shift Coaching program has helped me become a far better coach. I wish I had this kind of program much earlier in my career, it definitely would have made a positive difference.”
Mark Welch, Founder Street Savvy Sales Leadership

I am very impressed by the WABC course that Shift offers. I have taken another coaching course previously and I feel that this program was very complementary and even essential to my present coaching practice. I’ve learned so many new tools that are unique to Shift Coaching values and vision which I am happy to be integrating into my work. Overall I am a much better coach because of this specific program
Gaia Orion, Artist and Creativity Coach

The Shift Corporate Coach Program is a great investment for anyone who leads others, influences or wants to improve their people skills. You be hone your question asking skills and improve your coaching and leadership skills.
Marguerite Zimmerman, Founder and CEO, Momentium

The Shift Corporate Coach Program is valuable for any relationship, work or otherwise
David Whitmarsh, CEO Whitmarsh Consulting Group

The Shift Corporate Coach Program is more art than science: a subtle, profoundly powerful synergistic process that accelerates personal and professional growth in both the coachee and the coach. I’m grateful for my great good fortune to be involved.
Jovan Vuksanovich, Rolling Zen

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