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The world of business is increasingly complex, uncertain, changing and ambiguous. This has become the new normal. 55% of employees are languishing; 85% of employees are not engaged at work, quiet quitting; 41% of employees are considering leaving their organizations; 57% of managers’ report stress being the number one factor in their desire to leave their company according to LifeWorks, Mental Health for people leaders report. 

The world of how we live and work has changed. Employees expect their organizations to care about them, their mental wellbeing, and their professional growth. Diversity, equity and inclusion need to be built into the fabric of the company. The acceleration of these positive changes is crucial in the growth and success of the organization. The new way of working has brought the challenges of constant stress, overwork, and burn out to the surface. Thus, bringing a new layer of awareness into the corporate world. 

Leadership is hard, and it has become even harder. 

Creating a culture where employees feel inspired and engaged, where teams work in unison, and leaders feel empowered is more important than ever in this time of significant change. But how can you create such culture in a world, defined by increased complexity, uncertainty, change, and ambiguity? 

Coaching culture leads the way. 

While the world is changing around you, your people are looking for an engaging team environment with empathy, support, and guidance to do their jobs with excellence. You may be looking to build better connections with your peers and other leaders, empower your teams, and drive greater performance. All of this is possible with coaching.  It’s been proven that coaching delivers results. According to the International Coaching Federation, 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. Coaching helps people learn, transform, and grow. 

But why are companies struggling to build a coaching culture? 

Coaching is hard. It requires shifting your mindset, your approach to leading, and your behaviour. It requires commitment. Becoming a coaching leader extends beyond understanding the principles, it requires putting the theory into action with daily practice to hone the skills. Coaching needs to be integrated into everything you do.

How Shift Coaching can help

At Shift Coaching, we believe that everyone needs A coach, and everyone needs TO coach. We work with you to optimize your business performance and create a winning culture through coaching. We offer leadership, team, and organization-wide coaching programs that shift mindset, behaviors, and culture helping you unleash your leadership potential. We help you build highly engaged teams, develop your new leaders, and become a better coach. By applying our real-life proven methodology you will be able to motivate your team, build better relationships, and accelerate your career. 

Shift Coaching supports leaders, teams, and high potential groups to adapt, change, and grow.

We do this in five unique ways: 

  1. Customized Coaching
    1:1, team and group coaching programs are completely customized for your business context, culture, individual and team needs. 
  1. Live Virtual Programs
    We understand the demands on your time and focus on creating programs that are built into your day, offer practical just-in-time delivery, and include coaching skills application in real-life situations.
  1. Science-based Practical Tools
    Our coaching programs are built on scientific, evidence-based research and experiential learning principles. All programs are accompanied by simple, usable, practical frameworks and tools that help you continue applying the art of coaching in your day to day work. 
  1. Shift Team of Coaches
    Our coaches work as a team and follow one and the same methodology. They bring years of experience in the business world as business leaders and coach practitioners. This ensures a consistent approach to building a coaching culture. 
  1. Corporate Coach Certification – The Shift Corporate Coach Program
    Built specifically for business leaders to master coaching skills, capabilities and tools needed to lead in this ever-changing world. The Shift Corporate Coach Program is accredited by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaching™. This rigorous independent assessment was designed exclusively for business coaching programs and built around evidence-based business coaching competencies. It has the highest global standards for business coach training programs.

Coaching really is the answer,

The question is… Do you have the right culture for the change ahead? 

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