The Shift Painting

The Shift Painting was created to bring the Shift approach to leadership and team coaching to life. It was painted by Gaia Orion, a free-spirited oil painter from Ontario, Canada.

Susan Pahl, CEO, and founder of Shift Coaching Inc. invited Gaia to create a painting that represented Shift Coaching and its coaching methods.

The process began by telling the story of Shift Coaching; why it exists, what its purpose is and how she saw it evolving. Through a series of conversations and sketches, the original Shift painting was born. “It captures the essence of our work,” said Sue.


A Note From The Artist

“In the painting, I included all the elements and stages involved in the leadership and team coaching.

The four seasons are the thread of the artwork representing the process that Shift and the companies will go through as they work together.

Gaia Orion

Foundation For The Shift Coaching Culture

Gaia’s success in being able to paint a picture that articulates the journey of client and coach became the foundation for the Shift Culture and brand identity. The painting really resonated with Sue and her team.

They scanned the image and created the visual elements of their website, marketing collateral and coaching materials.

Shift Coaching has commissioned 2 additional paintings from Gaia including the mandala you see below.