About Shift Coaching

Shift Coaching was born over 20 years ago with a belief that coaching helps build strong culture and create business results. Since then the company has grown and we have coached over a thousand leaders to help them grow and build winning teams.

We provide you and your team the tools, feedback, and processes to transform your organization’s culture. Our job is to help you, your team, and your organization move through the rapidly changing world by building a coaching culture that lasts….

Our Approach: 1 Team | 1 Methodology

Effective business coaching requires more than coaches. Shift Coaching is 100% dedicated to corporate coaching, and we take the approach to delivering exceptional results for our clients very seriously.

One of the foundational areas that sets Shift apart is our approach, “1 Team, 1 Methodology.”

1 Team | Shift Coaches

Shift Coaching is made up of a team of unique coaches. Some of Shift’s Coaches are former executives with a great deal of expertise and hands on experience. Some are millennials who understand the world’s evolving complexity since they have grown up in it. All of our coaches are certified and well versed in the Shift Coaching Model, approach and tools. This ensures your leaders and teams are aligned and speaking the same language

1 Methodology | Develop Leaders, Teams, and Cultures

Shift Coaching applies a proven, step-by-step approach to developing leaders, teams and cultures. The theoretical framework for the Shift Coaching Model is based on a wide range of philosophical, psychological, and leadership underpinnings. We rely on evidence-based, research-informed, empirical data to guide the construct of our approach to learning, coaching and assessment. Our Fellows status at the Institute of Coaching at Harvard University and MG100 membership provides us with access to the best minds in the world of coaching and fresh research, so we are always learning and bringing new content to our clients in a format that works in their business environments.

The first step is to choose a coaching team that gets you and your business. Shift Coaching takes you and your team from where you are to where you want to be.

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Susan Pahl

Founder & CEO

Susan believes that coaching is critical leadership competency and is essential to running a successful organization. Susan works with organizations to help them build coaching cultures to suit their business needs. Susan is a member of the prestigious MG100 Coaches and a Founding Fellow at the Institute of Coaching.

Alexandra Miller

Director, Design and Operations

Alexandra is a key designer of the Shift Coaching Programs, translating theory into practical tools and techniques that can be used easily helping leaders lead. She also ensures the smooth running of the organization from end to end. 

Debra Carey

Director, Coaching Services

Debra recruits, coaches, mentors and manages the Shift Team of Coaches. Her wealth of experience in the world of business, professional coaching and human resources enables her to bring organization and support to the coaches that deliver the Shift Programs.

Danielle Pahl

Instructional Design and Media Production

Danielle designs and produces the online content for all Shift programs with a team of instructional designers and content producers.

WABC Accredited (Level 1 – RCC) Badge

We are a WABC Accredited (Level 1 – RCC) Program

Our WABC Accredited (Level 1 – RCC) mark means our program delivers the highest quality business coaching training in the world. To achieve this distinction, we participate in rigorous independent assessment and ongoing re-evaluation, designed exclusively for business coaching programs, to ensure we continue to offer high quality, evidence-based training rooted in real-world organizational and business needs. Our graduates are eligible to receive the Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) credential and become members of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC), the leading global association committed to driving business coaching excellence with robust, evidence-based practices.