Shift your culture, shift your results

A strong culture is the connective glue of your business. It brings people together, shapes how they work, and helps them achieve their goals. It also defines how they deal with change. Learn to design and build the architecture to support a coaching culture.

Does your organization need a Culture Shift?

A critical component of any successful organization today is a Coaching Culture. According to a Human Capital Institute (HCI) and International Coach Federation (ICF) study, 54% of companies that are classified as ‘high performing’ have a strong coaching culture. This figure drops to only 29% among organizations without one.

Culture Shift is a programmatic approach to understanding the maturity of your organization and helping you create a customized plan for building a coaching culture and creating an environment where people bring their best brains to work.

You can create a coaching culture, using these 3 steps:

  1. Begin with a Culture Audit, an assessment of your current culture, highlighting areas of strengths, challenges and opportunities for growth. 
  2. Create a Coaching Culture Vision and a Strategic Plan
  3. Design and build the Coaching Culture Architecture using industry leading models, tools and techniques to develop an integrated, internal coaching structure in your organization.

The Customized Culture Shift Program will support you to:

  • Use coaching to elevate performance and fuel success
  • Build strong connections between leaders and employees 
  • Ensure that leaders have the skills to lead in this new world
  • Focus on systemic changes with the largest impact
  • Invest in developing coaching skills in all your people
  • Engage both leader & employee operationalizing a coaching culture
  • Encourage shared responsibility & accountability for delivering results
  • Create space for open candid discussions by triggering constructive cognitive and physiological responses 
  • Support people to enhance adaptive behaviours & build trust

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