Building a sustainable coaching culture, with Jean Major

Susan speaks with Jean Major, who was a CEO at two large public service organizations spanning 25 years. Major’s approach to leadership developed over time, and he became a believer in (and practitioner of) building a coaching culture in organizations — a culture that will outlast any leader. He talks about his journey of learning the hard way and why coaching is so important for leaders.


Jean Major’s career spans decades and includes roles as CEO, The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and CEO, Ontario Racing Commission.

Major shares his journey to becoming a Coaching Leader and what that means for his team, his career and for himself.  Jean has built a Coaching Culture to manage a significant transformation in his previous role and has said, “I’ve led multiple organizations through transformations. I’ve done it with coaching. I’ve done it without coaching. If I was to do it again, I would always do it with coaching.” In this video, you’ll learn: 

  • Why coaching is a critical leadership skill for CEOs and all business leaders
  • How coaching supports building a high performance culture
  • The challenges leaders face as they coach their people and how to overcome them

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