Cultivating Sales Leadership in Tech, with Sean Forkan of VMware

A conversation with Sean Forkan, VP of Security Sales at VMware, hosted by Susan Pahl of Shift Coaching. This episode is a treasure trove for anyone in the tech industry seeking to harness the power of leadership and create high-performing teams. Key takeaways include:

  • The art of fostering a positive work environment and why it’s crucial for success.
  • Sean’s unique leadership philosophy: blending fact-based strategies with a focus on people and culture.
  • The transformative role of coaching in enhancing team performance and leadership skills.
  • Insights into creating a predictable operating model to drive efficiency and avoid disruptions.

Sean’s nearly 30 years of experience in tech and his dynamic approach to leadership make this a must-listen for professionals looking to elevate their leadership game and cultivate a thriving workplace culture.

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