Generative Coaching, with Stephen Gilligan

Stephen Gilligan, PHD, and Susan Pahl discuss, what Stephen calls, the third generation of coaching, Generative Coaching and why it is different from traditional coaching methods.

The coach operates as an observer/participant, the coach models and invites the client to do the same; the coaching relationship becomes a microcosm for a Creative Mind. They will explore the conditions for Generative Change and how Generative Coaching supports that change. Stephen defines Generative Coaching as “the art of “disciplined flow” of creative consciousness to generate new identities and realities.” Generative Change in Business is more important now than ever before.  Learn how it helps businesses function in more effective, more human ways involving the use of metaphor, the body, somatic intelligence and the “field mind” or collective intelligence. The move from the “up in the head” social-cognitive-verbal-left brain work to a more embodied approach is the way forward.

  • Generative Change and Generative Coaching and why they are critical in today’s world
  • The COACH State and the CRASH State and what that means for coaching
  • Why engaging the creative consciousness is critical to both individuals and businesses success as we move to a new way of working and living.

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