Margaret Moore – Imagine Leadership, Well-being, and Coaching as a Unified System

Join us as Sue Pahl, the host of Ask the Expert, speaks with Margaret Moore, co-founder and chair of the Institute of Coaching at McLean, a Harvard Medical School affiliate to discuss the connection between Coaching, Well-being and Leadership.

We have learned from Lisa Feldman Barrett’s Theory of Constructed Emotion, that the brain continually constructs not just emotions, but categories to organize and simplify the complex world that humans experience. These categories, while helpful, are just that – categories. They don’t fully capture reality which is ever-changing and evolving. Daoists advised thousands of years ago to be mindful of “hardening of the categories.”
We will explore the mind as a unified and complex system of elements, and consider that the categories of leadership, well-being, and coaching are made up of common elements, interconnected and interdependent, not separate. We will walk through several common elements and show how they are expressed in leadership, well-being and coaching.

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