Fil D’Urbano and Joseph Pittari – Peer Coaching

Learning to coach is not as easy as it seems, it takes lots of practice, observed feedback and support. One of the key ingredients to learning to coach is to have a peer to practice with and share feedback. Peer coaching helps the coaching skills stick!

Join Susan Pahl, CEO of Shift Coaching, the Creator of the Shift Corporate Coach Program and the Host of “Ask the Expert” as she speaks with Fil D’Urbano and Joseph Pittari about their experience earning their Registered Corporate Coach Designation and the Shift Corporate Coach Certification. They will share how Peer Coaching each other took their learning experience to the next level.

As seasoned executives, Fil and Joe, have natural coaching abilities and have been relying on them as they lead their teams for years. Through the Shift Corporate Coach Program they found that honing their coaching skills and being intentional in the coaching process took their coaching to a new level. They found that Peer Coaching made a big difference in them culling and perfecting those skills.

Learn what Peer Coaching is, How it Works and the Benefits of this New type of Coaching!

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