Sean Forkan – Why Coaching is Critical to Sales Leadership

Sue Pahl, the host of Ask the Expert, speaks with Sean Forkan, Vice President Security Sales, Americas at VMware to discuss the connection between Coaching and Sales Leadership.

One of Sean’s secret ingredients to success in sales is leadership coaching. Sean has provided leadership coaching for his team throughout his career. He believes in coaching for his people. He coaches them himself and provides them with professional coaching to support their growth and development as leaders.

Sean is a coaching leader. He trusts his team and empowers them to try new things, take risks, create and innovate. He establishes strong working relationships with his people and truly cares. If there is an issue he is there. Even if there is no issue, he is still there to support and develop his people for the next challenge.

Join us to hear Sean’s views on leadership coaching and why he believes it is critical for success. To thrive in this world, Sean suggests there is a need to be a lifelong learner, be inquisitive and understand the environment we are working in. Coaching is the vehicle that helps people to do just that! Sean will talk about his views on the role of the coach and how to support your leaders to navigate disruption and complex change situations.

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