Howard Prager – Becoming a memorable leader in work and life

According to Howard Prager, “The most powerful words someone can say to you are “You made my day!” You haven’t just committed an act of kindness when you hear those words.” You have done something at the right time, in the right way to make a difference in someone else’s life. The bonus is that it makes you feel good too!

In his book Make Someone’s Day: Becoming a memorable leader in work and life, Howard talks about the power of actually seeing others and sharing what you notice or offering a simple act of kindness. When leaders become intentional about this concept they can positively affect the way people feel at work, which results in increased performance, productivity and commitment.

In this discussion with Sue Pahl, the host of Ask the Expert, you will learn the VIP model to “Make Someone’s Day” and truly make others feel like VIPs! Howard will share how this model supports the coaching approach to developing people and the neuroscience behind it effectiveness. They will discuss insights, stories and examples of how to “Make Someone’s Day”.

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